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Whole house retrofit - how to make your home healthy, comfortable and low energy

Looking to retrofit your home and want to know what to do? When retrofitting theres lots of things to consider. This workshop covers all the aspects of a whole house retrofit to make a high comfort, low energy healthy home.

There are many energy efficiency and renewable energy options for existing homes. Choosing what’s best to integrate with the existing structure can be challenging. This workshop explores all aspects of retrofitting with a holistic whole house approach. This covers insulation, air tightness and ventilation (and why these need to be considered together), heating systems and controls, lighting and appliances. The workshop is illustrated with case studies of retrofitting in the UK and examples where different approaches and materials have been used.

  • Introduction
  • Patterns of energy use - Where is energy used? Where is heat lost?
  • Whole house approach - insulation, airtightness, ventilation, systems & controls
  • Benefits - why retrofit? - health, comfort, low bills, being green & futureproofing
  • Measures - wall insulation options, DIY loft insulation, draft proofing etc
  • Case studies - small and large scale projects
  • Finance options
  • Conclusion

You will gain an insight into the design of high comfort, low energy healthy homes. You will get an understanding of the different technologies and approaches to inform better design of your retrofit project.

Who attends?
Who attends?
If you are thinking about building or renovating your home then this bootcamp is designed specifically for you.
Why attend?
Why attend?
Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to save you time and money.
What will you learn?
What will you learn?
Our experts will take you through key topics from beginning to end so that you are ready to tackle your project with confidence. Need more info?
What’s included?
What’s included?
Need more info? Your attendance includes so much more than knowledge; Breakfast, course materials, lunch...

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