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How to manage your custom or self-build project

Behind every successful selfbuild project is an organised, hardworking, proactive project manager. Fundamentally, ‘someone’ has to co-ordinate, monitor and control the time, cost, quality and risk of the project. In this workshop, James Bryden will look to provide a glimpse of what’s involved, to help determine who the best ‘someone’ for your project might be and the main areas that you will need to focus on.

He will cover:

  1. What is a project manager? What attributes are required to successfully run a project? James will focus on key areas such as attitude towards risk, project drivers and project resources and challenge you to ask yourself if you are the best person to be the manager of your project.
  2. What does a PM do? You’ll explore the three pillars of project management, what are they and why they’re needed :
    • Managing Quality – The quality of your build is determined by a variety of actions. Most fundamental is the design. Reviewing and checking the design documentation is a key area to ensure that the detail is sufficient, consistent, accurate and clear to understand and follow by all onsite. The plans are the ‘hymn sheet’ all the trades will use. If any anomalies or errors get through, then the risk of mistakes being made is high (with resultant conflict and cost).

      James will look at how manage the quality of the design before you get to site and how to keep the quality level high once you’re in build.

      The mantra is ‘design, design and more design’

    • Managing Cost - Ensuring that you spend what you thought you were going to spend is critical to the success of your project.
      James will look at ‘buying’ your project, the different routes and risks, budgeting and tendering (how to build up your price and how a builder builds up a price) and in build cost management
    • Managing Time – One of the most important elements of the planning and control process is preparing a realistic and detailed programme, and to then monitor and adjust it as the project progresses. Allowing sufficient time for the various tasks; including supplier, sub-contractor and contractual deadlines and building in contingencies, is all part of managing a project.
  3. What does a strong project team look like? This element looks at essential people to have & building your team to make sure you have the right people, doing the right job, in the right time frame for the right price.
  4. Risk management – what are project risks and how to mitigate them, contingency and insurances?
  5. And finally…top project management tips! Three things that you MUST do to make your project a success.
Who attends?
Who attends?
If you are thinking about building or renovating your home then this bootcamp is designed specifically for you.
Why attend?
Why attend?
Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to save you time and money.
What will you learn?
What will you learn?
Our experts will take you through key topics from beginning to end so that you are ready to tackle your project with confidence. Need more info?
What’s included?
What’s included?
Need more info? Your attendance includes so much more than knowledge; Breakfast, course materials, lunch...

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