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How to budget and finance your custom or self-build project

Picturing your dream home can be easy; funding that dream can prove to be a daunting task. Guidance and information on How You May Fund Your Project and Sticking to Budget!

Specialist Knowledge, Banks and Building Societies appetite to lend including lending on Eco Projects. Affordable and Responsible Lending – discussion on affordability. Typical application process and indication of supporting documentation a Bank or Building Society may request. Indicative Stage Release Funding from land purchase through to the completion of the Build Project. Indicative loan to value / loan to purchase price, the lower of the two on land / existing structure purchase. Knock Down and Replace / Rebuild a property; discuss the Low Point Value! Sticking to Budget!! Cash Project Management. Understand Construction Contracts. Paying for materials in Advance - How to conduct Due Diligence on material suppliers!

  • Affordable and Responsible Lending
  • Typical Application Process
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Loan to Value Stage Release Funding Loan to Low Point Value
  • Paying for Materials in Advance How to Protect Your Money
  • Realistic Budget and Sticking to Budget
  • Contingency
  • Reclaim of VAT
  • Stamp Duty

How to Fund a Barn Conversion or Renovation Project.
Discuss purchasing a Barn and land in excess of 10 acres!
Indicative Stage Release Funding
Due Diligence on Build Budget

Who attends?
Who attends?
If you are thinking about building or renovating your home then this bootcamp is designed specifically for you.
Why attend?
Why attend?
Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to save you time and money.
What will you learn?
What will you learn?
Our experts will take you through key topics from beginning to end so that you are ready to tackle your project with confidence. Need more info?
What’s included?
What’s included?
Need more info? Your attendance includes so much more than knowledge; Breakfast, course materials, lunch...

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